Iran’s new nuclear chief affiliated with IRGC and nuclear weapons program

The appointment of Mohammad Eslami as the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization of Iran indicates that Khamenei intends to accelerate the process of building a nuclear bomb.

Mohammad Eslami has a long history of service in Iran’s terrorist designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), especially in the field of weapons. The Iranian regime has always claimed that its nuclear program is for peaceful use, and Khamenei has claimed that he described the production of an atomic bomb as “haram and un-Islamic.”

For the past two decades, Mohammad Islami has been in charge of obtaining Pakistani nuclear equipment and experience in building a nuclear bomb.

It was previously reported that the Iranian regime had paid hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase the equipment, including old Pakistani P1 centrifuges.

Sixteen years ago, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran wrote in a report that Mohammad Eslami had met in Pakistan with two key figures in the production of nuclear bombs and assistants to Abdul Qadir Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb.

Mohammad Eslami was placed on the sanctions list by the UK government during his time as Deputy Secretary of Defense and was accused of playing a major role in the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program. The United Nations also included him in the sanctions list.

Despite Persian language and international media focusing on Eslami’s academic background, his lacking scientific qualifications in the nuclear field, coupled with the designation by the United Nations for his role in the regime’s “nuclear weapons program,” an in-depth look might reveal that his appointment isn’t that way off after all. He might not possess the credentials, but he certainly does know more about the Iranian nuclear program than you might think.

Source: RADIS
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