IRGC Spokesman: Israel to Receive Response for Mischiefs

IRGC Spokesman Israel to Receive Response for Mischiefs
              IRGC Spokesman: Israel to Receive Response for Mischiefs



IRGC Spokesman Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif warned Israel that it will certainly be responded for its mischiefs and terrorist acts against the Iranian scientists and people.


“Certainly, the usurper and fake Zionist regime will receive the response to its mischief,” General Sharif said on Monday, referring to Israel’s assassination of the Iranian scientists and people.


He said that the enemy’s all-out confrontation against the Islamic Republic is indicative of Iran’s strong power and recent incidents have shown that the western power has lost power and the US has no more the ability to impose hegemony on others.


Iranian nuclear scientists have been the target of the western and Israeli spy agencies’ assassination attempts in recent years.


In June 2012, Iran announced that its intelligence forces had identified and arrested all terrorist elements behind the assassination of the country’s nuclear scientists.


“All the elements involved in the assassinations of the country’s nuclear scientists have been identified and arrested,” Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement.


“A number of countries, whose territories and facilities had been misused by the Mossad-backed terrorist teams, have provided the Iranian officials with relevant information,” the statement added.


“Over the course of the investigations, all other elements behind the assassinations of the Iranian scientists Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, Majid Shahriari, and Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan as well as Reza Qashqai (Roshan’s driver) have been apprehended,” the statement read.


“Some of the perpetrators of the assassination of Dr. Fereidoun Abbasi, the current head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, are among those arrested,” the ministry added.


According to the statement, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry had detected some of Mossad’s bases within the territories of one of Iran’s Western neighbors, which provided training and logistical support to the terrorist networks.

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