“Save Iran”: Reza Pahlavi’s Message to the People

“Save Iran” Reza Pahlavi’s Message to the People
       “Save Iran”: Reza Pahlavi’s Message to the People



Reza Pahlavis the former Crown Prince of Iran and a vocal opponent of the Islamic Republic has called on the Iranian people to unite against the current rulers of the country to “save Iran.”


“My motivation is not to gain political power, but to try to establish a system in which power is not the prerogative of one individual or group,” he said in a message announcing a new vision for the country, which he referred to as a “New Covenant.”


Reza Pahlavis whose father was the last Shah of Iran before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, went live with his new message on Monday, September 28.


“I extend a helping hand to all pro-democracy political forces, regardless of their past or political orientation,” he said, “and I want them to put aside differences, arrogance, and ambitions of supremacy and focus on one goal: to save Iran.”


The video, which has been posted on YouTube, shows Pahlavi behind a desk, the pre-revolution Iranian flag at his side.


He urges all Iranians to embrace their “patriotic duty” to bring about change, to challenge the regime, whose only achievements in 41 years, he says, have been “isolation, social collapse, discrimination, economic freefall, frustration, and hopelessness,” and to acknowledge that the Revolutionary Guards and its voluntary wing the Basij are only set on “generating wealth through corruption and crime” for a few elite.


“The path to victory is clear. We must connect strikes, protests, civil disobedience in various parts of the country to one another,” he says. Reza Pahlavis


“We must promote civil disobedience in all its forms.” He encourages people to support strikers, workers, and political prisoners. Reza Pahlavis


Perhaps most compelling is his call for Iranians to “Look into the eyes of your own children. See how their futures are being held hostage by the personal interests of corrupt few. Your children ask you: On which side do you stand?”


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