Stealing From the Poor To Give to the Rich Is the Basis of Raisi’s 2022–2023 Budget

The annual budget, in most countries across the world, is put together during a thorough process, involving a collaboration between politicians and economists, among many other professions. This budget is used to plan the country’s projected income and any expenses for the upcoming year and is created by balancing outsources of income against the country’s expenses.

A comprehensive and progressive budget is one in which its citizens’ welfare and wellbeing take priority and pave the way for advancements in technology, environment, education, medical, exploration, etc.

However, in Iran, the well-being of its citizens has never been one of the top priorities of the budget in any of the former and present governments. The way the budgets are created makes sure that the ones who benefit immensely from them are the regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) and their affiliated companies and organizations, as well as many other regime-affiliated entities.

The latest government budget, presented last week to the Majlis by the regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi, consists of two parts. The first is the General Government Budget and this includes government expenditures, departments, salaries, and development budgets. The second is focused on the ‘non-governmental’ companies and foundations affiliated with the regime, which includes the IRGC and the military.

Through these companies and foundations, billions of dollars are generated and controlled which are used solely by the regime for exporting terrorism and oppressing the Iranian society. Not surprisingly, these foundations have tax exemptions and are never audited for their income and expenses.

In Raisi’s 2022-2023 budget draft bill presented to parliament on Sunday, the government proposed a 930 trillion rial budget for the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, IRGC. Last year that number was 380 trillion rials, and the year before, 240 trillion.

Source: Iran Focus

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