The IRGC locally produced vaccine bluff and theft of $1m from Iranians

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) bluff, regarding making the “Barakat” locally produced Covid-19 vaccine, and the many civilians’ lives that were lost due to this lie is being widely reflected in various Persian-language media networks every day.

Earlier reports said that in the weeks following the ban on the import of American and British vaccines ordered by Khamenei, a branch of the IRGC called the ” Executive Headquarters of Imam’s Directive ” claimed that it could locally engineer and mass-produce the most effective Covid vaccine within months.

The Tehran-based Jahan-e-Sanat newspaper wrote: “From the beginning of the announcement by this institution, it was certain that it would not be able to fulfill this commitment because it has no scientific structure and experience in vaccination.” But the same institution was able to get hundreds of millions of dollars from the government for this empty promise and keep the Iranian people waiting for the mass-produced vaccines, only to admit that it does not have the industrial infrastructure needed to mass-produce vaccines in the end.

Because of this empty promise, and after Khamenei’s ban on the import of safe and approved vaccines, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have died and about one billion dollars of the nation’s money was wasted and poured into the pockets of IRGC officials.

The IRGC uses every opportunity to steal the hard-earned money of the Iranian people to fill its own pockets. Locally based Iranian media has emphasized that the main culprit of this scam at the time was the head of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order, Mohammad Mokhber, who was not investigated or punished, but was instead promoted and is now the first vice president of Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s newly appointed president.

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