Could Iran Be the Middle East’s First Aircraft Carrier Power?

Could Iran Be the Middle East’s First Aircraft Carrier Power
   Could Iran Be the Middle East’s First Aircraft Carrier Power?



Exactly what the purpose of this aircraft carrying vessel has yet to be seen. One factor could be a matter of internal jurisdiction within the Islamic Republic.


While the Iranian Navy patrols the waters of the Gulf of Oman and beyond, the IRGC-N’s role has largely been to patrol the waters of the Persian Gulf.


Warships capable of carrying aircraft are used by navies around the world, but to date, the Iranian Navy isn’t one of those countries that operate a carrier.


The closest that the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to building an aircraft carrier is to “simulate” an American carrier as a weapons test platform.


The “Elite” Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGC-N) had transformed an old target barge into a large-scale mock-up of that loosely resembled the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.


It was used in the February 2015 “Great Prophet IX” exercises and again this past summer in similar exercises.


Embarrassingly for the IRGC-N, the faux carrier proved difficult to sink – that is until it floundered in waters in the channels near the Iranian naval base at Bandar Abbas.


Now, Tehran could be inching closer to developing a true carrier.


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The Associated Press reported this month that the IRGC-N reportedly launched a heavy warship that was capable of carrying helicopters, drones, and missile launchers. From the photographs that have been released online, it appears to be a large cargo vessel rather than a true warship.The vessel, which was named after the “martyred” Guard Naval Commander Abdollah Roudaki, was photographed carrying truck-launched surface-to-surface missiles and anti-aircraft missiles. It lacks anything resembling a flight deck and instead has a flat section mid-hull.
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