Dozens of Baloch Citizens Killed or Wounded by IRGC Forces

IRGC forces in Iran clashed with Baloch locals on Monday who carry fuel over the border region in Sistan and Baluchestan. Initial reports indicate that at least 8 people were killed and dozens were wounded and were taken to hospital. While the IRGC controls Iran’s economy and organized smuggling network, it kills deprived porters.

IRGC forces dug large holes near the Iran-Pakistan borders preventing fuel porters’ movement. When deprived locals protested, the IRGC forces opened fire on protesters, killing at least eight people and injuring dozens. IRGC forces have dumped the bodies of several victims into a canal and have not allowed anyone to approach the bodies.

Reports say the IRGC opened fire inside a village forcing all the villagers including women and children to flee. No one could enter the village until this time. Baloch activists’ campaign reported has identified three of the locals who were killed following the IRGC attack as Abdul Rahman Shahrestani, Rahman Bakhsh Dehwari, and Anas Sahebzadeh.

According to Rasanak, a regional human rights news agency a state of martial law has been established in Sheston city with various security and military forces, all of whom are non-natives, patrolling the city,.

Due to the gathering of the victims’ families in front of Razi Hospital and Sheston City morgue, the streets leading to these places have been completely closed.

According to informed sources, “the IRGC has asked the ‘Mersad Force’ for help in dispersing the locals, and they also arrived with full equipment, and the Baloch fuel operators are surrounded by border guards.”

“The death toll and injuries are more than 50 people, and despite the siege, ambulances are transporting the bodies of the dead and wounded,” the Baloch activists’ campaign reported.

The reports said that dozens of locals’ vehicles were set on fire by the IRGC.

Sistan and Baluchistan is one of the poorest provinces in Iran. Baluchi ethnic minorities are under the double pressure of poverty and the regime’s oppressive measures. To make ends meet and feed their families, deprived Baluchi citizens have to carry a few gallons of fuel to eastern Pakistan.

The IRGC forces take the lion’s share of what fuel porters earn, and when they refuse to pay them, the IRGC forces open fire on them. In addition, the fuel carriers have to endure dangers of the road, extreme hot weather, or having fatal road accidents.

Read the complete article at: Iran Human Rights Monitor

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