Iran’s IRGC, Army denounce Islamophobia in France

Iran's IRGC, Army denounce Islamophobia in France
    Iran’s IRGC, Army denounce Islamophobia in France



In separate statements, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Army have denounced French President Emanuel Macron for voicing anti-Muslim sentiments.


The IRGC said on Monday that Islamophobia is a failed project which will further accelerate the collapse of the U.S. and the Zionist regime, Mehr reported.


It said Macron’s Islamophobic remarks will not damage the image of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but rather, it will add further to the dark record of those showing hatred toward Islam in the world.


The satanic scenario has entered a new phase after the recent move by Charlie Hebdo to republish offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the subsequent support from the French president, the IRGC’s statement deplored. denounce


The IRGC also said the insults to Islam reveal the great paradox in the West, particularly in the so-called flag-bearer of freedom of expression in Europe, adding that France is attempting to cover up its failure to prevent the spread of Islam and growing enthusiasm for Islamic teachings.


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“The rulers of the hegemonic system and Zionism, which are the main supporters of the extremist and Takfiri movements and creation of horror and violence in the world, would be unable to save the crisis-hit and anti-human West from a self-created quagmire,” it said.The IRGC also warned that France should await an appropriate response from the Muslim community, beyond just a boycott of French products or protests.Similarly, the Army in its Tuesday statement called on Muslims across the world to become united against the “arrogant criminals” in order to root out Islamophobia throughout the world through their unity.According to the Army’s statement, the false proponents of human rights have linked a student’s action against his teacher to Islam.
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