The Revolutionary Guards’ Outsize Share of Iran’s Next Budget

The Revolutionary Guards' Outsize Share of Iran's Next Budget
    The Revolutionary Guards’ Outsize Share of Iran’s Next Budget



A budget of 161,155,600,000,000 tomans ($6.5 billion) has been allocated in the budget bill of 2021-2022 to military, security, and law enforcement institutions.


This is one-fifth of the total public budgets proposed by Iran’s government for next year. The sum is equal to two million tomans per capita in defense and security spending.


Part of these funds will be spent on future suppressions of the Iranian people’s protests against the current political, economic, and social situation. But how much? No one knows.


All for the Corps; the Corps for only one.


Approximately a third of Iran’s total military and security budgets is allocated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s most effective military and security institution, which also has great influence in the country’s political and economic affairs.


This year, the IRGC’s total budgets will reach 56 trillion tomans ($2.3 billion), about three times more than the total budgets of Iran’s army, one and a half times the total budget of the police force, roughly 20 times the total budget of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces and about four trillion tomans more than the social security budget of the Armed Forces use to pay military pensions.


In the 2021-2022 budget, the IRGC’s share has increased significantly, both in relation to the military budget and to the total general budgets.


Last year, the total allocation value for the IRGC and Basij was less than 34 trillion tomans ($1.4 billion).


The IRGC’s budgets increase next year is about 65 percent, while the total inflation of the government’s general budget is about 55 percent.


Fifty-six trillion tomans in the government’s general budgets are not the only source of income for the IRGC.


The figure maybe half or even just a fifth of the IRGC’s total financial resources for 2021-2022 to fund its political and military programs both domestically and abroad.


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