General Salami says IRGC determined to undercut arrogant powers

General Salami says IRGC determined to undercut arrogant powers
        General Salami says IRGC determined to undercut arrogant powers



Major General Hossein Salami, the chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), says the art of the IRGC is to shatter the image of arrogant powers, according to Iran Press.


In a video conference with the commanders of the forces, the provincial corps, and the IRGC Intelligence Protection Organization, General Salami noted.


“Due to the ideals of the Islamic Revolution, which included the rule of the oppressed and the eradication of arrogance, the world powers did their best to prevent the emergence of this new power and its model.”


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“Our great wars remain; the enemy is still there, and although it has withered, it is still dangerous and does not want to accept defeat,” he added. The major general stressed that the IRGC considers itself a servant of the Iranian nation and a pioneer in solving the people’s problems, saying, “Our dear people did not leave the Guards alone in all difficult scenes, and as long as the Guards, the people, and the leadership are in contact, no power can defeat us.”The IRGC commander described intelligence as the most vital asset of a powerful institution like the IRGC and noted, “The enemy should not see the scope of our power; ambiguity for the enemy is part of our power.”In recent weeks, Iran’s armed forces have conducted several military exercises across the country. In these drills, Iran has tested all kinds of military equipment including various missiles.  The missiles include Zolfaqar Basir with a range of 700 km, Dezfoul with a range of 1,000 km, and Qiyam with a range of 800 km, developed by the IRGC’s aerospace division. Also, a total of 112 missile launchers, 188 unmanned aerial vehicles, 340 speedboats, and a warship has joined the IRGC fleet.
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