IRGC, Army naval forces on full alert in Persian Gulf waters

IRGC, Army naval forces on full alert in Persian Gulf waters
       IRGC, Army naval forces on full alert in Persian Gulf waters



Iranian naval forces are on full alert and in complete control of the Persian Gulf waters and the Sea of Oman against any external provocations, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy said.


Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri said on Monday that the IRGC Navy monitors all movements by extra-regional forces that are present in these waters, adding, “Any attempt for violation of our land, water, and air will be met with a rapid response.”


He made the remarks on the fifth anniversary of the arrest of American forces trespassing on the country’s territorial waters.


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Tangri added, “The naval forces of the IRGC and the Iranian Army are present in the Persian Gulf and this presence continues through the southern waters to the Indian Ocean.”Stressing that the Persian Gulf is full security, he said, “The navy of the IRGC and the army is fully prepared against any aggression.”In earlier remarks on Sunday, the IRGC Navy commander underlined that deterrence in the face of hostile forces cannot be achieved through mere political means, but it can only be achieved “if your power exceeds that of your enemy.”He said every time that the Iranian naval forces get prepared to stage military drills, the enemy sees their operational and missile power, and this acts as a deterrent factor in the face of the enemy. Commenting on acts of provocation by hostile forces in the Persian Gulf, he said the Americans’ Persian Gulf strategy has failed, adding, “We have barred the enemy from implementing its strategy and this is why the Persian Gulf is secure.”Two US Navy crafts, carrying 10 Marines, reached three miles into the waters.
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