Iranian IRGC takes pride in destabilizing the region

Ali Jafarnejad, the representative of Iran’s supreme leader for Kurdistan’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), claims that the Islamic Republic has made the region unstable for the United States and other enemies of the regime. But by what logic does he consider such crime to be a source of pride and authority of the Iranian regime?

The fact is that causing instability is deemed honorary and indeed the specialty of the Islamic Republic and IRGC. This is not limited only to the middle-east. Iran’s Balochistan, Kurdistan and Khuzestan are all facing instability. Life for workers, writing for journalists, freedom for women, and economy for businessmen, farmers, and teachers is unstable and unsafe as a direct result of IRGC’s violent meddling.

The political system of the Islamic Republic, with all its financial and military resources, can only be proud of the instability and insecurity it has brought to the region.

Looking at more than ten years of war and killing in Syria, six years of war, famine and displacement in Yemen, presence in Lebanon, and arming its Hezbollah, we will see nothing but violence and terrorism in the track record of IRGC.

The IRGC this month carried out days of bombing of the Kurdistan Region’s border areas, using artillery and airstrikes, including suicide drones, and claiming its target was Iranian Kurdish opposition groups. There are a number of Kurdish opposition groups based in the Kurdistan Region that have units in the mountainous region where the IRGC carried out the strikes. 

There is no place in Iran where the IRGC and the agents of the Islamic Republic have not destroyed the security of, through violence, corruption, and destruction. Now they are shelling the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan and claim they work towards security and stability by doing so.

Source: IRNA English
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