IRGC deserves to remain on US terrorist list

In desperation to reach a nuclear deal, so-called progressive pressure groups and Democratic members of the Senate, such as Chris Murphy, pushed the Biden administration to remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the US terrorist list.

President Biden is eager to revive a signature legacy of the Obama Administration, returning to the nuclear deal at any cost.

It has created much bipartisan outrage and has also been opposed by many Iranians inside and outside Iran.

Nevertheless, Biden has faced strong opposition to such a move not only from Republicans but also from Democrats in the House and the Senate.

But perhaps more importantly, the Biden administration is risking America’s international reputation as a superpower and moral authority.

Delisting the IRGC as a terror group will mean that the leader of the free world designates terrorist groups not on the merits but political considerations, setting a dangerous precedent.

There is overwhelming evidence that the IRGC is the largest and most powerful sponsor of global terrorism. US terrorist list

The IRGC has planned the abduction of Iranian-American dissidents on American soil and is actively planning violence against current and former American officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former US Special Representative for Iran, Bryan Hook.

Given the gravity of the IRGC’s nature and goals, what justification can the United States have to delist a group that is the textbook definition of terrorism while keeping Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad affiliated with the Islamic Republic on the list?

Furthermore, delisting the IRGC also signals to brutal dictators and regimes that if you pressure the United States, whether with nuclear proliferation or otherwise, you can get your way and continue on your path of evil, rewrite history, and shed your terrorist past.

Would the United States also delist ISIS or Al Qaeda if they, too, sought nuclear weapons?

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