IRGC Navy Commander Warns to Nip Enemies’ Threats in Bud

“If the Enemies takes any foolish measure to foment sedition or carry out an act of aggression against the Islamic establishment, we will respond in a way that would teach them and their allies a painful lesson and will nip that plot in the bud,” Rear Admiral Tangsiri said on Monday.

He added that the IRGC naval forces, which are deployed in the islands and along the operational routes of the elite force, maintain their combat readiness at the highest level in order to be able to carry out the most difficult missions at any time.

The senior Iranian commander stated the neighboring countries in the region enjoy the capability to ensure security in the important Persian Gulf region, emphasizing, “There is no need at all for the presence of foreign countries who want to be here with the justification of providing security.”

He was echoing remarks by Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Rayeesi who has stressed Tehran cannot tolerate insecurity and crisis in the region, and warned that any mistake by the enemies will face a harsh response from Tehran in a way that would make them regret.

His warnings came just days after US President Joe Biden boasted that Washington may use force to counter Iran’s nuclear energy program as a “last resort”.

In response, Iranian Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi warned the US and the Israeli regime against any adventurist move in the region, and stated that they will be forced to pay a heavy price in case of their slightest mistake.

“The Americans and the Zionists know very well that they will pay the price for using the phrase ‘resorting to force’ against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” General Shekarchi warned.

Iran has repeatedly warned that any mistake by the US and Israel will be met with Tehran’s crushing response.

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